Happy New Year, I had an absolute beautiful time saying bye to an amazing year and hello to a new year. I hope it’s just as great, if not better!



I love being happy and I’m glad today I finally gained perspective to understand when I’m not happy and how I’m going to change it. I love myself for that, even more so today. It’s amazing when I take my own advice! Tonight I shall sleep like a baby and dream of the amazing week I’m about to have. xo


I should have succumbed ages ago but I know I couldn’t live with short term gratification.. pointless.

where dreams become a reality <3.

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First for everything

A first for everything? That much is true as I say hello to yet another new first this morning or rather understand this first. Or maybe not just think too much about it at all. Let this first just be that, a first.


I feel so relaxed. I feel good. I’m doing what I love. Happiness restored once more! Ready! x