Remembering love

As he looked up and glared into my eyes, I was intrigued wondering what his next move would be. It was his name which I missed because it was so loud and all I remember doing is walking outside with this man with an accent that I was still trying to make out.

His Parents were Doctors, he was studying to be an accountant and there I stood smitten already by this beautiful man that stood speaking about himself. He was very different and he only had to tell me where he was from for me to fall in love all over again, literally!

He was French and there I had this wholesome, perfect guy that I couldn’t get enough of what he was saying.

He was tall, fair and had the most perfect body I had ever encountered. I forever told him he could be a model.
We would lay and play around like a young couple, we would read, ask each other’s advice on certain topics and plan our days together. I felt protected and so in awe of this man. I was often told that I ought to remember it was the honeymoon period but we had a bond that saw past that - he would laugh at those comments and say those people just aren’t happy. Our lives became so intertwined, happiness gleamed from within me. I had fallen for him the very day I met him but as the days went on he would say new things or teach me something new and I just kept wanting to see and experience more. We were each other’s world and not many people truly understood that. When you share such a bond with someone you see past everything. We saw past everyone, it was our world and I’ll never forget the day he turned to me and said I make him so happy. I mean it was so totally random but so warming. Those words resonated with me. We laughed and played like a young couple in love and stayed in bed late cuddling on most days. My obsession for cuddling and an ever growing obsession with love came from him. It grew and grew..

He would always make sure I was looked after. If ever I was out that night, he would make sure I got home safely. Same as the daytime, I always remember him wanting to be there, he was truly adorable.

Then there was the time he cried in my arms.. When you just want to take away their pain. Make it go away but there’s nothing really you can do apart from console him and hold him tightly.

Then he told me he loved me, that’s when everything changed and that love feeling soon became.. dare I say it, lost..

The Click


Everyone should know what I mean when I say ‘the click’. Something happens, and then it all just clicks into place. That’s when you know that something is meant to be.

The click can happen in so many different ways, it can happen within friendships and relationships, you meet someone and…

Totally can relate to this ❤️

Happy New Year, I had an absolute beautiful time saying bye to an amazing year and hello to a new year. I hope it’s just as great, if not better!



I love being happy and I’m glad today I finally gained perspective to understand when I’m not happy and how I’m going to change it. I love myself for that, even more so today. It’s amazing when I take my own advice! Tonight I shall sleep like a baby and dream of the amazing week I’m about to have. xo


I should have succumbed ages ago but I know I couldn’t live with short term gratification.. pointless.

where dreams become a reality <3.

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First for everything

A first for everything? That much is true as I say hello to yet another new first this morning or rather understand this first. Or maybe not just think too much about it at all. Let this first just be that, a first.


I feel so relaxed. I feel good. I’m doing what I love. Happiness restored once more! Ready! x